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Building Extensions

Do you need extra space in your home? Does your home feel a little crowded these days? Are you planning to expand your family? Do you have to host guests so frequently that it is now absolutely necessary to have a separate guest bedroom? Has your little one brought a pet to the home and now there’s not enough place for him and his pet to live together? We have the answer to all that. You need building extensions services.

We are Truejoin Constructions – a locally owned and operated company that specializes in home extensions. We have built home extensions for many homeowners in Gippsland. Projects always finish on time and within your budget when we take charge.

Perhaps you would like to extend your living room; maybe the kid’s room should be a little larger to accommodate them better in a few years when they grow up. What about the bedroom? Want to keep a couch there so that you two could cuddle up? Do you need a whole storey to add to your home? Then, rely on our building extensions services.

We do extensions to houses and offices. We have over 20 years experience. We can get my draftsman to do the plans to the customer’s requirements.

We can build home extensions to both old and new houses. We listen closely to your needs, consider your ideas thoroughly and implement those in our work. We also suggest some ways in which your ideas could be implemented even better.

For all your extension plans, we are more than happy to discuss the scope and your options. We aim to provide you a creative and cost-effective output that’s perfectly in sync with your lifestyle.

We –

  • Are vastly experienced in all building extensions
  • Strive to eliminate your worries and give you peace of mind
  • Understand that it’s not easy to have to live in a house that’s being extended, that’s why we recruit very unobtrusive skilled workers
  • Promote the implementation of energy efficiency measures